Writer, Producer, and Director

   Damned is the story of Peter Milton, an average man with an extraordinary task; to forgive the sins of those who die around him. Haunted by the untimely passing of his wife, and wanting to escape the ongoing cycle of death in the big city, Peter moves to the small farming town of Herald, CA. There he takes on the menial job of ranch laborer and is viewed as an outsider by the predominantly Hispanic workers. His closest friend is Rhonda, a clerk at the country store, who is also an outcast in this world. Both Peter and Rhonda hold close to their own dark secrets limiting their relationship to cordial greetings.

  However, fate, in the form of a psychotic monster, will intervene. Vlad, a serial killer stalking woman in the rural town, happens upon the country store. Peter, along with a local Deputy, return just in time to save Rhonda from certain death. The events mark the end of Vlad's sadistic mortal life, but just the beginning of Peter and Rhonda's horrors.

  Vlad returns to Peter as an earthbound spirit and attempts to bargain for "forgiveness." Peter denies him, not knowing the extent of the murderer's powers on the physical plane. The terror and suspense mount as the people around Peter are supernaturally slaughtered.